Offers and activities - Excellent Guiding

Guiding is far more than just walking around in a city and talking about historic buildings. Guiding can start immediately in the car or on the bus from the airport. Or would you like us to pick you up at the pier when you arrive on a cruise liner?

There are so many opportunities in the city that Lonely Planet ranked Gothenburg as the second most affordable city in the world. What is more, CNN ranked our archipelago “Bohuslän” as the world’s seventh most beautiful wildlife area.

Tours on Segway

This is a real treat! Not only because you make better use of your time by getting around faster but also because it is a lot of fun. It is really easy to ride, you will be given a short introduction and off we go. You can also add a lunch with Swedish specialities to the adventure and you will have a total treat!

Marstrand and Bohuslän

If you are in Gothenburg, you must not miss Marstrand, a few miles north of the city. It is a little Island with a famous old fortress named Carlsten´s Fortress. There are restaurants, beaches and a whole lot of history to tell… a treasure you simply cannot afford to miss. We will take you to Marstrand by car, bus or boat.

Also by helicopter

If you want to see more of the archipelagos of Bohuslän, this is not a problem. We can take you wherever you want to go. We also offer tours by air over Gothenburg, Kungsbacka and Bohuslän.

Kungsbacka and Tjolöholms castle

A few miles south of Gothenburg, there is a town called Kungsbacka. It is a small town with many interesting places to see. Tjolöholm Castle is a must, but we also offer half- or full-day guided tours on special Swedish “nordsvenska” horses in the beautiful countryside of Kungsbacka. Enjoy a delicious Swedish lunch outdoors, weather permitting, and maybe you will even get a glimpse of an moose!

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