VIP Guiding - Excellent Guiding

We offer personal VIP tours and trips. You decide how you want your special event to be.

Here are a couple of examples of VIP tours that we offer.

The Island of Käringön is located in the beautiful archipelago of Bohuslän. People have lived and worked here for more than 500 years. Today people come here to relax and get pampered. Our choice is Karingo Oyster Bar. People come here to this spectacular place from all over the world. You will get a presentation of oyster cultivation, a bath in a hot tub with seawater, oyster and champagne tasting. Of course dinner and accommodation are also included.
Karingo Oyster Bar

Karingo Oyster Bar.

VIP tours
Special VIP tours of Gothenburg in a Limousine or small comfortable bus, can also be done by Segway or by foot. Taste small servings of Swedish delicacies such as our West Coast sea food, moose and other specialties. All included in your VIP-tour.

Why not combine the two tours and stay overnight in one of our top class hotels of Gothenburg. We will help you decide on a hotel that suits you the best. We do the little extra that no one else will, we are your personal guides.
Hotel Dorsia Gothenburg

Top class hotels in Gothenburg.