Why a guide service? - Excellent Guiding

It goes without saying that there is plenty of information on the internet and great books, but to get personal guidance from an experienced guide is something totally different.

You use your valuable time far more effectively. You avoid the tourist traps and instead experience the little extra away from all the “must-see-and-do”.

It is all about expectations

We guarantee your high expectations. No more difficult-to-understand maps, aching feet, low blood sugar and disappointments at having missed something really great. You will hear exciting stories about old houses and buildings in Gothenburg and Kungsbacka on the west coast.

A visit that leaves a lasting impression

You will learn about our history, about the future and, of course, also about what is going on right now. We offer guide service for all your needs during your visit.

Your interests and your time determine what you do. Contact us and we will give you suggestions and prices.