What we offer


Why go Excellent?

We give you outstanding personal service! And we guarentee your high expectations for your exclusive private tours and as your favorite DMC. We offer guide service for all your needs during your visit. Also, we arrange total packages for events, conferences and for your private stay here.

Safety First

Anne is authorized in both Swedish, English and has a CPR-Certificate. We are fully insured!


We offer a wide variety of support from start to finish for companies and organizations. We also book hotels and restaurantes for your event.

Certified Recovery Coach

I work with you if you are in recovery or if you have active addictions. You are in good hands.

What we offer


New for 2021 is our private guided hiking/walks with Anne Price. We hike in the breathtaking Archipelago of the West Coast and/or in our beautiful forests. You choose between easy, intermediate, advance or why not a mix?


Excursions to our award winning and breathtaking Archipelago on the West Coast as well as exploring the Islands of Stockholm by boat on the east coast.

Surprise Excursions & Segway Tours

Surprise Excursions and Segway tours in both cities! Just let us know what your interests are and we will show you our "Golden Nuggets" in a surprising way!

Choose how to travel around

Exclusive "Best of" Gothenburg and Stockholm either by private car, coach or by foot.

We know the facts

You will hear exciting stories and learn about our history, our future and about what is going on in the cities right now!

Exclusive for Excellent Guiding

Recovery coaching is a form of strengths-based support for people with addictions or is in recovery from alcohol, drugs, codependency, or other addictive behaviors. Anne is a trained, certified recovery coach, specializing in helping people struggling with addictions.  I work with you whether you are in recovery or if you have active addictions. I also work with families to help them cope with their loved ones and their addictions. We meet and make nature our place of work. You choose where and when! Or maybe all you want is to sit on a cliff and talk? I will help you help yourself!